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Being a Parent is an aspiration, though the sensitivities may vary in degree depending on the cultural and personal context. This is a matter of very high sensitivity and an inability can contribute to serious psychological, emotional and social distress to the family, irrespective of economic, educational or religious background. It is, therefore, a matter of great concern and alarm to witness an increasing incidence of infertility cases, much of it owing to changing lifestyles and its consequent effect on physiological and psychological health and also owing to genetic propensity in the case of female.

The good news is that advancement in medical science has achieved much success in the treatment of infertility with an impressive increase in success rate over the years, but it is also a sad reality that the actual beneficiaries are only a very small percentage of the needy owing to issues of awareness, affordability, access and assurance. With a very large and increasing population in child bearing age group and no hope for alleviation in risk factors, It is here Sponsor a Birth came into existence to be the ray of hope to these many un-affording couples who earn to be a parent.

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