Poverty & Infertilty


In 2012, 22% of India’s population* lived below the poverty limit.

23.6% of Indian # population , or about 276 million people, lived below $1.25 per day on purchasing power parity.

* Statement by the Indian Government
# Based on World Bank’s 2011 report


27.5 million* couples (2015) in India suffer from infertility, with a YoY increase of 4% - 5%.

Only a small percentage of those couples can afford treatment.

Only 0.1 million treatment cycles were performed in India in 2015.

* Based on a 2015 Ernst & Young report
# Based on a Business World report


While female factor accounts for 40-50% of cases, male factor is on the rise, with 30-40% of cases.

• Stress
• Obesity
• Pre-existing genetic disorders
• Hormonal issues
• Lifestyle diseases
• Alcohol consumption and smoking


• Low sperm count in men
• Genital TB & uterine and tubal pathologies in women


•  Lack of awareness about IVF treatments.
•  Delayed or lack of access to qualified IVF experts.
•  High costs of IVF cycles can deter potential patients
•  IVF is not covered under any insurance scheme.
•  People of lower socioeconomic backgrounds seldom qualify for adoption.


•  Emotional trauma to women as they are blamed for not being
    capable of having a baby
•  Mental stress due to the social stigma associated with the failure
   to have a baby.
•  Financial pressure.

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